Keep calm, I’m the sound technician

Sound technician – I want to feel calm in your hands.

We put our music in your hands, and sometimes you are full of surprises.
You choose to do some things that are so strange they are funny (only funny later):

1. Playing your harmonica during songs you love
2. Smoking. Smoking a lot during soundcheck in a non smoking venue
3. 3 monitors set up for the singer and one for the rest of the band
4. Use microphones that smell like a sunken ship
5. Working out feedbacks & frequencies in the room while the band is on stage ready for sound check
6. Turn up solos & song sections when the musicians are trying to be dynamic
7. Taking 2 hours to dial in a guitar, piano and vocal
8. Riding all the faders all night long, when we were happy at song 1
9. Playing the music from my CDs before the concert starts
10. Telling my Taylor guitar, it’s your fault for ‘feeding back’!

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