Open-Air Concert Photos & Support for Bryan Adams (25.6.2017)

Couldn’t make it to the concert? Various concert photos are posted in the photo section of this website. However, this concert, on June 25th, at the Wiley Park in Neu-Ulm (Bavaria) with Bryan Adams brought in a great collection of ‘good times’. And while I was umm…busy:), others were taking many photos. So! Here’s a collection from those who joined me that day. An another ‘note’: A short list of those who filled me with love on that specific day and a few sleepless nights before must be mentioned: (my tiny big hearted crew): Jens Haag (assistant soundtech), Matusa (soundtech), Manuela & Thomas Bauer (local music management & owners of Cafe Einstein in Ulm), Renato Brosowsky (Facebook Manager & Postcard PR aka Reno), Irene Dekker, Hans Kraus, Mark Van Hees (merch booth & stage hands), Frank Stauncher (rehearsal space owner), Allan Rodger (bass), Christine Dueholm (drums), and Thomas Fuchs & Abdula Karamen (local musicians who joined on 2 songs).  Bryan Adam’s crew approx. 40 or so!




3 thoughts on “Open-Air Concert Photos & Support for Bryan Adams (25.6.2017)

  1. Hi melanie Dekker, so much in love with your music! Lovesongs and awesome voice!!!
    May I ask you one question? Which Taylor acoustic do you play or love?

    Thanks for reply, Kind Regards and good luck on tour


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