You’re asking for photos! Open-Air Concert & Support for Bryan Adams (25.6.2017)

I often get asked for concert photos for those who couldn’t make it to a concert. Various concert photos are posted in the photo section of this website. However, this concert, on June 25th, at the Wiley Park in Neu-Ulm (Bavaria) with Bryan Adams brought in a great collection of ‘good times’. And while I was umm…busy:), others were taking many photos. So! Here’s a collection from those who joined me that day. An another ‘note’: A short list of those who filled me with love on that specific day and a few sleepless nights before must be mentioned: (my tiny big hearted crew): Jens Haag (assistant soundtech), Matusa (soundtech), Manuela & Thomas Bauer (local music management & owners of Einstein Cafe Ulm), Renato Brosowsky (Facebook Manager & Postcard PR), Irene Dekker, Hans Kraus, Mark Van Hees (merch booth & stage hands), Frank Stauncher (rehearsal space owner), Allan Rodger (bass), Christine Dueholm (drums), and Thomas Fuchs & Abdula Karamen (local musicians who joined on 2 songs).  Bryan Adam’s crew approx. 40 or so!




2 thoughts on “You’re asking for photos! Open-Air Concert & Support for Bryan Adams (25.6.2017)

  1. Hi melanie Dekker, so much in love with your music! Lovesongs and awesome voice!!!
    May I ask you one question? Which Taylor acoustic do you play or love?

    Thanks for reply, Kind Regards and good luck on tour


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