Photoshoot for the Secret Spot album

  We wanted the SECRET SPOT photoshoot to look like ‘any and every time of year’ and both Len Rooney, (the CD cover art designer) and myself love Granville Island. A market pier in Vancouver. “It’s not an island” was a previous video clip that went sideways, but it’s true: (clip is from Granville Street Bridge wisdom tooth removal video). Len has painted valuable & stunning scenes of Granville Island and I have performed as a professional busker at Granville Island in the summer time years back… all in all, it seems like we were both drawn to it’s colour and vibe. We wanted retro-urban, but casual. Bright but natural. Pensive but sharp. Countryside but ambiguous. Outdoor but close to shelter. A mirror of the album. Here some of the are the photoshoot photos. ps/ It was cold! The freezing fog kept our sessions short. *These photos were taken by Len Rooney, Mark van Hees & Dave Allen aka meep). The backside of parking lots, Bridges, the children’s market, and some alley-ways all pictured here. Oh! I left my purse in one location, and an angel brought it to the lost & found on Granville Island! Lucky me.

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