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CD: Here & Now – Full length

What comes to mind when you hear "Here & Now"?
Release Date: March 15, 2011
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Full length colourful CD – Recorded at the Factory Studios in Vancouver, Canada.

Musicians: Eric Reed, Ryan Dahl, David Sinclair, Mani Nassefat, Skye Brooks, David Marion, Brian Newcombe, Darren Parris, Mike Bell, Sheldon Zaharko.

Engineer: Sheldon Zaharko
Producer: John Maclean & Melanie Dekker

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The songs from this CD are available for you on iTunes, Spotify, & Melanie’s albums here in her website store.


Melanie Dekker

She’s got room in her heart, She’s looking for a match
Somebody who can light a spark, Somebody who is first class

She’ll get under your skin, She’ll dig beneath the surface
Gotta be fun & have a special something, A killer passion behind your kiss

A rich girl…wants a rich boy…
Gorgeous, & splendid, A little hard to get
Everyone wants more of what he represents
A rich girl, wants a rich boy

She’ll walk if you untrue, She’ll get bored if you get lazy
Things that might mean nothin’ to you, Work her up to a frenzie

She loves colour surroundings, Meanings are in little things
Give her the freedom that she best blooms in, If you’re superficial she’ll trade you in


Romantic, Set the bar at the Classic
Like a simple Hank Williams lyric, like velvet

Melanie Dekker/Jason Nett

Met the girl of his dreams, He was just sixteen
He’d do back flips to turn his head, He really loved her

Down on one knee at twenty, He said baby marry me,
They vowed sacred promises, He felt like a king

He worked really hard, Built a castle bought a car,
Wanted to make her dreams true, They raised a family

He didn’t notice her drifting away by the hours
He forgot to bring her flowers

Didn’t know what went wrong, They stopped getting along

Climbing the ladder, His wallet got fatter
Got lost in his own world, He didn’t listen

To the hints she was dropping, So she dug her heels in
And the party quickly came to an end, pay more attention

He didn’t notice her drifting away by the hours
He forgot to bring her flowers

Didn’t know what went wrong, They stopped getting along

Inside out and upside down, He would do anything now
To turn it, all around

Didn’t know what went wrong, They stopped getting along

Melanie Dekker, Mike Bell & Elyse Jacobson

Electric guitar: David Sinclair  Acoustic guitar: Melanie Dekker, Keys: Eric Reed, Drums: Skye Brooks, Bass: Brian Newcombe

Trying Flower Power for a change
Bustin’ out of this button up cage
Pumpin’ Joni and Janis on the stereo
Getting away from the go go go mode
So now I’m, Pimpin’ Peace and Love
n’ the goddess up above
I think I’m gonna go commando

I’m a Hippie
I’ll throw the rules away today
And I say, life’s so mysterious don’t take it serious
I’m everybody’s friend when I’m in a backbend
I’m a Hippie, A Hippie

Compost worries, let the good vibes grow
Come on everybody, let your true self show
Grab a djembe, and I’ll bring my guitar
The sunshine’s waiting for a jam in the park

Oh yeah now, my toes feel the breeze
& I’m one with grass & trees

Set the girls free, Keep some different company
Try a herbal remedy, Like ginseng green tea
Songs sound better, When we sing em together
I do what I like, With my second hand bike
Stick it to Coca Cola, Make some homemade granola
Let’s fine dine, with organic red wine

Melanie Dekker

What a fool I am
To believe that you could be my man

From the outside looking in I see
You had everything I was needing
Looking up at your leaps of Faith
Word of Honour and the way you play

But from the inside looking out I see
you’re not the one who you pretend to be
I wasn’t pretending, Now I just need mending

What a fool I am
To believe that you could be my man

I want a man who’ll undress me slowly
Hold me steady when I feel unsteady
I want a man who’s as strong as he looks
Braver than any man on the books

Hoped it was you hoped you loved me too
tainted by the things we cant undo
Now i am not sleeping, you’re not for keeping

Album Review

Inderdaad, Melanie Dekker heeft grootouderlijke roots in Nederland, maar is op en top Canadese. Al jaren voor de Olympische Winterspelen (Canada 2010) wapperde haar muzikale vlag in haar geboorteland. Drie hit-singles, 'When I think of you', 'Blue Blanket', en 'I Said' gaven haar stevige muzikale grond onder de voeten en een enthousiaste, trouwe achterban. Langzaamaan nieuwe album here & Now te promoten. De liedjes op dit album gaan veelal over de liefde gebracht met pure energie en emotie, perfecte gitaarbegeleiding en een geweldige stem, afwisselend met up tempo nummers en mooie ballads, een aanrader. Verdient in meer dan één opzicht airplay in ons land.
- Muziekvenster NL