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The Melanie Dekker – Impulsive CD was written & recorded with Vancouver producer John Roles in 1997. We wrote weekly together at John’s house in Burnaby, and he would record great demos of our songs. First they had to be ‘just right’ on acoustic guitar and vocals and lyric end of things. Within half a year we had enough songs to make this album. Later on, I got the budget together to take it to the “big studio.” We chose Red Stripe (which has since closed) and John introduced me to the world of recording and some of the best musicians in the city.

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2nd Story Window

2nd Story Window

Melanie Dekker / John Roles

There’s a girl living up the block, dancing in her underwear
There’s a salesman up at 103, who spends a lot of time in there
There’s kid with his hockey stick, aiming at the cat again
There’s a 3 piece suit in his white Mercedes, it’s Dino with his so called friends

They don’t know, but she knows what they do
She’s right next door to me the perfect view

She sees it all through her 2nd story
Looking down on the people below
Always living there behind the pain
of her 2nd story window

There’s a van in the vacant lot something’s going on inside
The mail man came a little late today, she knows what he did last night

Curtains draw slightly parted, better than her own TV
Her obsession my frustration, what does she know about me

There’s crowd at the corner store, someone’s won a scratch n win
the local band got a secret, gin goes good with that Zepplin thing

I Gotta Learn

I Gotta Learn

Melanie Dekker / John Roles

I’m always painting the sky blue

I gotta learn to be more responsible
Show some courage, act on good intentions
I gotta learn to see past the physical
Try to keep an open mind

I gotta learn to be less predicable
Deal my cards with a gamblers heart
I gotta know there’s always another way
Take my chances, say what I want to say

I’ve got time and I know I’ll be strong enough
I guess there’s always something. I gotta learn

I gotta learn when to stop holding on
Can’t put a price on all that is precious
Stand my ground on what’s worth fighting for
Keep my faith and stop feeling guilty

I’m always painting the sky blue
I’ll keep searching for something as true

I gotta learn love’s unconditional
Undress myself and let you in
Try to be a little cynical
Start realizing perfection isn’t critical

I gotta learn

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