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Acoustic Ride CD – Melanie’s root-pop recordings of her self-composed songs.

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Acoustic Ride (released December 2007)

A warm intimate vibe with beautiful guitar playing. The instrumentation is gentle and living room like. These songs were recorded in Melanie’s home, Jason’s home and Eric’s studio.

Acoustic Ride CD – ‘simply’ created at home, back to the roots and comforts of a living room. This setting satiated a necessary creative craving and need. Somewhat of a rebound project one might say, as it was the opposite experience to the previous fully produced Revealed album, which was very long, intense, and high end; with a lot of producers and a magical fairytale California setting. Melanie gathered ‘herself’ again with these recordings and collection of songs. She toured in this style for many years following its release.

We’re the Angels had many demos and I perform it live often. Each time I hear it or perform it it carries me away into a warm wind and sparkling sunlight on the water” Melanie Dekker

“Moves me like no other.” Elephant Ears Entertainment

“The best work by Melanie Dekker…clear, honest & insightful.” Fortune Music

Musicians: Eric Reed, Jason Nett, David Pickell, Mike James, Craig Waddell

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