Men’s Feel Good Hippie T-Shirt (NEW!)


Feel Good double spun cotton MEN’S t-shirts with a design you’d be proud to wear and share. Freedom, Peace, Music, Expressing oneself, a girl with her guitar, doves taking flight, a spinning LP and the word Hippie – all in one.

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NEW! Spectacular ‘Melanie Dekker’  Cotton-weave t-shirt!

Soft and easy to wear very high quality t-shirt you can wear anytime of year.

Feel good ‘Hippie’ design that includes over 100 of Melanie’s favourite places in the world rolled around in the shape of an LP. Chances are, where you live…is on this one special t-shirt. Her guitar knows each of these places as well. (Don’t hesitate to ask her for a story from any of the places listed on t-shirt)

“I chose the t-shirt brand myself, so they would look good, feel good and last!”

Brand: ATC

Available colours:

Dark Sky Blue


Available sizes: 





Small (best for slim men under 5’10”)

(these t-shirts fit ‘big’ compared to some brands)

*Design on the t-shirt was crafted by Ronan Lannuzel at

*To be sure that we have got it right! PLEASE be sure to write your

1. required size  2. your address  3. colour

when making your payment – ie: in PayPal sender’s instructions or you e-mail transfer.


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