Worry Gets You Nowhere – live

Thomas Fuchs from Fulda, Germany joined me spontaneously on this song and for most of the night. Worry Gets You Nowhere sheds sunshine on the listener and encourage a release from self-criticism.

The song is available for you on iTunes, Spotify, & Melanie’s albums here in her website store.

A voice like chocolate. Musical diversity. Power. Sunshine. Love & soulfulness. Combine all this with an entertainer, whose blithe spirit has created fantastic songs and 6 albums. Singer-songwriter Melanie Dekker from Vancouver, Canada will move you with her lyrics and world class percussive guitar style. She’s been the support act for Bryan Adams, Russell Peters, & Faith Hill. Her tunes will surely take you on a ride and fire up your heart.

If you enjoyed Worry Gets you Nowhere, then Melanie’s editor recommends checking out her song “You’re powerful.” The song is a caring, light-hearted tune that brightens anyone’s mood. It follows the same story line as Worry Gets You Nowhere, and it pushes for self-empowerment.

If you want something slower and further passionate then you can check out “Distant Star” –  it gives a sense of longing and tugs at the heart. You can find these songs and more online on her website.

He has toured with me in various band mate configurations, but never just ‘the two of us’ 🙂

Jens Haag, video maker, studio owner and producer, talented musician and bar owner shot this with remote controls and various pre-positioned cameras.