Worry Gets You Nowhere

Recorded with my own Sony Handy-cam. No time for hair or make up in any of these locations. All were spontaneous…and started with OMG that’s a cool spot, jumping
out of the tour van  (a snowy day off the autobahn in and an autumn forest in central Germany, WWII ruins in Cunnersdorf-Germany, the bike-park desert of Kamloops BC,  the boat scene in Vancouver’s English bay, the Western Canadian railway in North Vancouver at sunset) & handing my camera to a willing long arm.

Sven Rowoldt, Len Rooney and Ron Putzi held the camera, and my little iPod is hidden in my bra so I can lip sync while the camera is rolling.

The homes/ brick buildings near Cunnersdorf-Dresden have since been torn down, and the washed up boat in English bay was taped off by police ‘do not cross this line’ and then dragged off a few days later