“Recognize when you are the scapegoat” – A fun parable

Alot of goats who can't escape

Recognize when you are being the scapegoat. A Parable to refresh you on a bad human habit, that you are best to avoid: Blame.

You are not responsible for how someone else feels. Same goes the other way. You, and you alone, are responsible for your emotions.

On hold with Visa – V I S A. Literally. But now in my mind figuratively and symbolically. Here’s a wacky analogy and perhaps a Parable to some.

Please Don’t let someone else make you their scapegoat in a breakup scenario. A letter to the erroneous charges handed to you by another human.

Fraudulent charges on my credit card, a tally nobody recognizes – perhaps it is you (mysterious & clever) adding up more reasons & accusations (charges & fees), with visa (through Video Interface and Search Analysis),  which make me responsible for your feelings, emotions & actions (in VISA’s world: debits, withdrawals & interest).

Including, yes including, the negative feelings & emotions, I didn’t even know you had! WTF? (unauthorized erroneous charges).

Since most of these charges (which include insinuations, calculations, misinformations, pain-bodies, blame, defence mechanisms, resentments, fears & displacements) are older than 60 days, they are no longer valid for investigation or return (“It’s over girlfriend, this is a breakup”), though most likely such charges were never valid (Disheartening is an understatement).  And this also means, it’s an indisputable scenario one need not use their valuable energy for and must eventually stop their crying over it. (get over it and move on ASAP).

For the more vulnerable artist, there’s energy in vulnerability & there are no hasty solutions (please put my card on hold, so I/we can figure this out), and for the calculated business man,  it’s just math (cut off the card, & start over!)


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Remember: Recognize when you are the scapegoat – you are not responsible for how someone else feels.


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