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Just Because

Release Date: February 15, 2003
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Just Because: Includes award-winning and chilling “Hollow”, the dance mix “Flirtin” and the Canadian hit single, “I Said I”.

“Speechless” is in the soundtrack of the Canadian film: “Little Brother of War” and is also published on Lynn Taylor Donovan’s record.

“Blue Blanket” won the MOVA USA Songwriter competition & also earned regular Canadian radio airplay.

Engineer: Various
Producer:  Melanie Dekker

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Just Because


Melanie Dekker

You’ve done what you said you wouldn’t do
What you shouldn’t do and couldn’t do
You’ve gone back to her
You never told her about me
Nothing ‘bout me nothing about me
So you’d look so good

I said I want what you want
I guess not I don’t want her
I said I want you to be happy
I guess that means happy with me
I said I want the best for you
But I guess I want what’s best for me

You will try to make me feel better
So you feel you feel better
I hope you feel bad like me (so bad)

I can hear the words you’re gonna try to say to me
How you say it the way you say it
Nothing makes this okay

Got a pillow over my head
I dont want to get out of bed
I know I said what I said
I did not realize what I meant


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Melanie Dekker / Gerald O’Brien

All bottled up, All curled up, Tangled in a messy knot
It’s cold outside far from kind so you keep everything inside

You may think you’re not letting it show
I see silent tears you won’t let go

Let me be the one you take this out on
I will help you, help you feel strong
Let yourself go, you’re not alone
I know you’re just feeling hollow

You feel like crap little things make you snap, you don’t call anyone back
Well get out of bed, get out of your head, Live those dreams you have

I won’t let you get away with this
I’m gonna hear you make your wish

Reach up and catch that falling star
Remember all the things you are
I’m gonna fill you up

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