Worry Gets You Nowhere

Worry Gets You Nowhere

The song sheds sunshine on the listener, as it reminds us that ‘worrying’ gets in the way and really leads us nowhere, and likely just worse off.
Melanie’s first banjo lead release.

It is available for you on iTunes, Spotify, & Melanie’s albums here in her website store.

Melanie Dekker

A voice like chocolate. Musical diversity. Power. Sunshine. Love & soulfulness. Combine all this with an entertainer, whose blithe spirit has created fantastic songs and 6 albums. Singer-songwriter Melanie Dekker from Vancouver, Canada will move you with her lyrics and world class percussive guitar style. She’s been the support act for Bryan Adams, Russell Peters, & Faith Hill. Her tunes will surely take you on a ride and fire up your heart.

The Tale Behind the Video

I used my own Sony Handy-cam to record the video. There was no time for hair or make up in any of these locations. All were spontaneous and started with OMG that’s a cool spot, followed by jumping out of the tour van (a snowy day off the autobahn in and an autumn forest in central Germany, WWII ruins in Cunnersdorf-Germany, the bike-park desert of Kamloops BC,  the boat scene in Vancouver’s English bay, the Western Canadian railway in North Vancouver at sunset) & handing my camera to a willing long arm.

Sven Rowoldt, Len Rooney and Ron Putzi held the camera. I could lip sync while the camera is rolling because my little iPod was hidden in my bra.

You can no longer see the homes and brick buildings near Cunnersdorf-Dresden, and the taped blocked off the washed up boat in English Bay.  History!